ITEX Company is the manufacturer of plastic packaging in USA

ITEX Company was incorporated in 1997 as a manufacturer of disposable plastic containers for the purpose of providing high-quality plastic packaging to shops and retail sale outlets, cafes and restaurants, small and big enterprises producing different kinds of food products.

In the catalogue at our official site you can chose and buy the disposable plastic tare for cakes, sushi, fruits, salads as well as other disposable plastic packaging of different form and parameters by wholesale. Our Company constantly updates and improves the design of its brand products. Individual orders on development of packaging according to your requirements and wishes are also possible.

Our guarantee is a perfect many-year reputation at the market of United States of America as well as all the relevant Certificates of Quality for our products. We deliver disposable plastic packaging for food products to big cities of USA: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Huston, Philadelphia.

Buy plastic packaging in USA by wholesale


Disregarding the size of your company, your needs and wishes WE strive providing YOU with high-quality packaging, excellent services, competitive prices.

Chose the packaging you need from our catalogue and push the button «To buy» or simply contact our managers.

New products
Cake packaging IT-311 for the cake 2 - 2.5 kg
Inner size, mm: 292 х 130
External size, mm: 317 х 138
Volume, mm: 8700
Quantity in a box: 50 pieces
Cake packaging IT-305 for the cake 1.5 – 2 kg
Inner size, mm: 258 х 132
External size, mm: 276 х 143
Overall height, mm: 143
Quantity in a box: 75 pieces
Cake packaging IT-213 for the cake 0.5 kg
Inner size, mm: 134x247
External size, mm: 260x155
Volume, mm: 2614
Quantity in a box: 200 pieces
Cake packaging IT-509 for the cake 1 kg
Inner size, mm: 216 х 216 x h104
External size, mm: 236 х 236 x h124
Volume, mm: 4950
Quantity in a box: 75 pieces
Cake packaging IT-889 for the cake 1 kg
Inner size, mm: 190 x 190 x h96
External size, mm: 255 x 255 x h28
Volume, mm: 5200
Quantity in a box: 75 pieces
Sushi packaging IT-261
Inner size, mm: 136 х 90
External size, mm: 210 х 102
Volume, mm: 500 (+50, + 50)
Quantity in a box: 300 pieces
Universal packaging IT-8600
Inner size, mm: 127 х 100
External size, mm: 149 х 122
Volume, mm: 600
Quantity in a box: 300 pieces
Sushi packaging IT-19
Inner size, mm: 202 х 90
External size, mm: 210 х 102
Volume, mm: 700
Quantity in a box: 400 pieces