Cake packaging

ITEX Company from 1997 produces disposable plastic packaging and tare. For all these years our Company acquired excellent reputation and huge experience of producing articles enabling to create goods in compliance with all the requirements and wishes of the buyer. It is not unimportant that the produced products of the Company comply with USA standards and have Certificates of Quality.

Today, the disposable plastic packaging takes an important place in the sale of food products. And it is not surprising as it ensures comfort and safety of products. Similar food containers are used for transportation and storage of different products including confectionery.

Disposable plastic containers for cakes of ITEX Company are produced from high-quality plastic being ecologically clean and safe for human health. Commercial packaging has a lot of advantages, for instance:

  1. 1. It has an aesthetic appearance, it is light and transparent. This all attracts a potential buyer as it has a complete visibility of product.
  2. 2. It is very comfortable while loading and unloading operations and while transportation even for a considerable distance. Plastic boxes ensure integrity of goods and make the process of loading and unloading more comfortable.
  3. 3. Commercial packaging is comfortable for storage as it protects confectionary products from influence of environment and ensures longer storage.

Disposable plastic packaging for cakes in USA by wholesale

Plastic packaging for confectionery can become an effective and one of the main advertisement tools of your production. ITEX Company can perform individual orders on production of plastic packaging with the design corresponding to your assortment of confectionery. This all will help making your goods more individual and attractive for buyers.

If you wish to buy plastic packaging for cakes, you came to the right place. ITEX Company produces and sells plastic disposable tare for food products and performs delivery to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Huston, Philadelphia or any other community on the territory of USA. Transportation is performed with the assistance of reliable transportation companies.

Cake packaging IT-990 for the cake
Inner size, mm: 315
External size, mm: 335
Volume, ml: 14000
Quantity in a box: 40 pieces
Price: 53.32 USD
Quantity :
Cake packaging IT-110 for the cake  0,5 kg
Inner size, mm: 175
External size, mm: 195*108
Volume, ml: 2300
Quantity in a box: 200 pieces
Price: 42.20 USD
Quantity :
Cake packaging IT-206 for the cake
Inner size, mm: 208
External size, mm: 227*115
Volume, ml: 3400
Quantity in a box: 100 pieces
Price: 22.70 USD
Quantity :
Cake packaging IT-210 for the cake 1 - 1.5 kg
Inner size, mm: 227*110
External size, mm: 250*121
Overall height, mm: 121
Quantity in a box: 100 pieces
Price: 37.10 USD
Quantity :
Cake packaging it-310
Inner size, mm: 255*120
External size, mm: 275*127
Volume, ml: 5900
Quantity in a box: 75 pieces
Price: 25.35 USD
Quantity :
Cake packaging IT-311 for the cake 2 - 2.5 kg
Inner size, mm: 292 х 130
External size, mm: 317 х 138
Volume, ml: 8700
Quantity in a box: 50 pieces
Price: 31.45 USD
Quantity :