Salad packaging

Each day our contemporary world gets more and more improved. Due to progress our life becomes more comfortable, easier and practical.

Only about 50 years ago we could not even imagine how important the disposable dishes will become in our lives. We can see it everywhere: when buying water or different food products, during picnics and holiday feasts.

Plastic packaging is considered to be the most comfortable tare for food products. It is practical in use not only for confectionery, semi-finished products but also for salads. Disposable packaging for salads has a lot of advantages:

  1. In the packaging the product stays attractive even while transportation.
  2. Plastic packaging is considerably lighter and cheaper than glass dishes.
  3. Packaging is transparent so the buyer can easily see the product.
  4. Content of material the packaging is made of is absolutely safe for human life and health.

Plastic packaging for salads in USA by wholesale

ITEX Company will become a good partner for those wishing to buy disposable plastic containers for salads. We offer a wide assortment of disposable plastic dishes for confectionery, sushi, salads, fruits and first courses.

Disposable tare for salads from ITEX Company is represented in different sizes and forms: round, oval and rectangular. The set includes covers with reliable fixation ensuring safety of marketable condition of product and helping prevent leakage. Plastic flats are also divided into one, two or three sections.

Plastic disposable packaging for salads is produced complying with all the norms and standards of United States, so it is absolutely safe for human.

ITEX Company also performs individual orders. If you need disposable container for salad of a certain form our Company will perform your order within the shortest terms and at the acceptable price.

We deliver plastic tare to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Huston, Philadelphia and any other cities of USA with the assistance of transportation companies involved into freight transportation.

Salad packaging IT-5999
Inner size, mm: 148*148
External size, mm: 171*173
Volume, mm: 1000
Quantity in a box: 200 pieces
Salad packaging IT-5750
Inner size, mm: 135*135
External size, mm: 156*158
Volume, mm: 750
Quantity in a box: 200 pieces
Salad packaging IT-5500
Inner size, mm: 125*125
External size, mm: 141*144
Volume, mm: 550
Quantity in a box: 300 pieces
Salad packaging IT-5250
Inner size, mm: 117*117
External size, mm: 127*130
Volume, mm: 250
Quantity in a box: 400 pieces
Salad packaging IT-5075
Inner size, mm: 158x158
External size, mm: 177x177
Volume, mm: 1500
Quantity in a box: 250 pieces
Salad packaging IT-900
Inner size, mm: 179 x 81
External size, mm: 196х92
Volume, mm: 1240
Quantity in a box: 200 pieces