Salad packaging IT-750
Quantity in a box : 300 pieces

Salad packaging IT-750

Price: for one box : 32.40 USD
Inner size, mm: 145 x 70
External size, mm: 162 x 82
Volume, ml: 780 + 50
Overall height, mm: 82
The product description

Disposable plastic packaging for salads IT-750 is bestseller among our partners in the field of catering at the Ukrainian market, selling take-away food outlets and modern catering. This is a private development and pride of our specialists, which allows you to keep the salad fresh and tasty much longer than usual plastic container with a lid allows. Our containers have saucers which are built-in in the lid, the consumer has the opportunity to fill the salad with oil, balsamic vinegar and other spices immediately before use. This plastic packaging allows to use time more efficiently, increases the life of salads and has positive features of restaurant service in the eyes of the consumer. Plastic boxes for the sauce (saucers) by "Itex" are hermetically closed and securely fastened in the cover salad bowls, because their service does not add trouble to the courier, eliminates confusion dressings, salads and sauce contamination of neighboring items. You may request free samples of this innovative packaging specialists "Itex" in Odessa or Kiev, as well as in our network of distributors in Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Kirovograd and other regional centers of Ukraine.

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