Sushi packaging IT-362
Quantity in a box : 300 pieces

Sushi packaging IT-362

Price: for one box : 41.70 USD
Inner size, mm: 110х214
External size, mm: 125х224
Volume, ml: 825 (+50,+30)
Overall height, mm: 29 х 21=50
The product description

Sushi and rolls became very popular in Ukraine. Production Company "Itex" as a leading manufacturer of modern packaging explores the market needs and wishes of customers and offers an excellent, exclusive, very convenient packaging for sushi that does not leak, not limp and impresses with its sophisticated design. Our packaging is created for food oriental delicacies with built-in compartments for the sauce, ginger, wasabi and other combinations of spices, this packaging is perfect for sushi bars, cafes and fast food restaurants, fast foods, or for the sale "take-away". In open view the packaging IT-362 turns into comfortable two plates for sushi with a set of all the necessary spices. Packaging of exclusive design may be purchased in bulk from a warehouse in Odessa and Kiev, as well as in our network of distributors in Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Krivoy Rog, Kherson, Donetsk and other regional centers. This food packaging is widely used by various institutions specializing in the delivery of ready-made food. In this packaging the food can be delivered anywhere. The company "Itex" provides wholesale supply of disposable packaging for catering establishments with the most appropriate and reasonable prices. In the catalog which you may find out at the company's website, you can pick up the package for the most demanding customers. You can find out other models of packages for sushi, with comfortable sealed sauce boxes.

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