Universal packaging

For the previous 10 years there was a tendency at the USA market of superseding of paper packaging by plastic one. And there is nothing surprising in it because plastic dishes have a lot of advantages. Namely:

  1. Transparency allows the buyer to examine the product.
  2. Reliability. Packaging of plastic gives better protection of goods from influence of environment. Also, it is more comfortable and practical while transportation.
  3. Accessibility. Packaging materials are much cheaper and have a wide assortment.

Production of plastic tare includes such materials as polystyrene, polypropylene and others. Components are absolutely safe for human life and health if all the production norms and rules are complied with. One should also remember that disposable plastic packaging must be used only once. While multiple exploitation repugnant substances are formed which can be dangerous for human life and health in case of contact with food products.

Disposable plastic universal packaging in USA by wholesale

ITEX Company offers a wide assortment of products for those wishing to buy universal disposable plastic packaging. We have disposable packaging of different form and size as well as with covers separate or soldered on.

Basic operation principle of our Company is individual approach to a client. You wish your packaging box to be not just a container for your goods but to represent the style of your company? In such case it will be a perfect decision to create the design with the assistance of our specialists and to implement all the ideas.

Universal disposable tare of plastic is intended for storage and transportation of different goods: vegetables, fruits, berries, confectionery, fist and second courses.

All the products produced by ITEX Company are created complying with all the norms, standards and requirements of USA. They are ecologically clean, safe for environment and for human health. All the products have relevant Certificates of Quality and go through a thorough check.

Our qualified employees will be glad to consult you on any issues and will help you make your choice of universal packaging: for berries, for spices. We perform delivery of disposable packaging to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Huston, Philadelphia and other cities around the entire territory of USA with the assistance of reliable transportation companies.

Universal packaging IT-506
Inner size, mm: 190x130
External size, mm: 140x203
Volume, mm: 850
Quantity in a box: 1000 pieces
Universal packaging IT-502 universal packing
Inner size, mm: 250x75
External size, mm: 260x80
Volume, mm: 800
Quantity in a box: 1000 pieces
Universal packaging IT-501 universal packing
Inner size, mm: 250*75 мм
External size, mm: 260*80 мм
Volume, mm: 800 мл
Quantity in a box: 1000 pieces
Universal packaging IT-409 universal packaging
Inner size, mm: 195*195
External size, mm: 210*210
Volume, mm: 1800
Quantity in a box: 200 pieces
Universal packaging IT-7350
Inner size, mm: 140*110
External size, mm: 160*133
Volume, mm: 350
Quantity in a box: 400 pieces
Universal packaging it-7500
Inner size, mm: 140*110
External size, mm: 160*133
Volume, mm: 500
Quantity in a box: 300 pieces